Part Time IT Management Contracts

The IT requirements of many companies ebb and flow. When upgrading, developing new systems or using new software, companies sometimes require intensive support. At other times maybe ongoing maintenance and help with everyday queries is all that is required. Many companies do not want to go to the expense of hiring a full-time IT manager. At CSP we are geared up to recognise these requirements.

CSP can offer specialised support packages in all of these areas that are designed to meet your organisational needs. We have a wide range of different contractual arrangements with our existing clients that have developed as a result of close partnership working. Our reputation and our success are built on the flexibility to produce and manage the right solution for each individual client.

We offer a free consultation and proposal development service to establish and discuss your needs in detail before advising you on the type of support contract that would suit you best. For examples of contracts we have with existing clients click here.